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Fingerprinting Services for Employee Background Checks

If you are a business owner, you would naturally conduct a regular background check on your prospective employees. Before anyone can join a company, the company has to ensure that they have a clean background. The person applying for the job should prove that he has never been arrested for a crime committed. Or they have proof of legal immigration or have proof of good financial status. These employees, whether they are teachers security guards, airline personnel, firemen, child care workers, need to present proof of their credibility and integrity before they get hired. A criminal history background report or a police arrest record is what most employees require for their job applicants. If a person has no criminal or arrest records or when his background is clean, he will still need to get proof that no such records exist.

The procedure for arrest in most states is that the person is brought to a police station where he will await the ruling of the judge after his case is reviewed. In this processing part, the accused will have his fingerprints and photographs taken. We all know that fingerprints are unique to a person. Even if a person hides everything about himself, his name, date of birth or address to hide his past, his fingerprints cannot be hidden. And this is why fingerprints are important.

Acquiring a police report is easy. You need to apply for an orange card or the Criminal Justice Information System Application for Criminal History report. If the employer wants the FBI to do a national background check on a certain individual, the person can also request for an application form. This card should be taken to a fingerprinting agency so that his fingerprints can be taken. It is with a licensed fingerprinting service that fingerprints can be taken because the police no longer offer fingerprinting services to the general public.

Government does not keep a file of everyone’s fingerprints. Government only keeps fingerprints of arresting individuals and workers in sensitive government offices. When your fingerprints are taken for background check, the card is destroyed after the check is finished. The law forbids your prints to be stored. This means that you have to go through this background check again if you decide to have a new job in the future. It is very reasonable since any person can commit a crime after he has been checked.

There are many fingerprinting services that you can find today if you search online where you can do an FBI background check and other services. Find fingerprinting services today that can provide the proof of your clean background for your employment.

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